"The information intrigues me with the flawless designs further accompanied with tips and tricks (i.e. hilarious mnemonics) to better engrain information on my mind. Although I was at first intimidated by the CBT's, I became accustomed to the format of the tests by studying beforehand effectively.."-Huy
"The instructors are really nice and approachable, They are willing to work with what your interests are without ignoring things that are important for a well-rounded medical learning." -Akshita
"The program helps students grasp rigorous scientific concepts, but also brings social issues into perspective. Being able to understand and bring together the social issues and science will benefit everyone in their future medical endeavors." -Kevin 


"It not only teaches you the materials that are taught in the first two years of medical school, it also incorporates many disciples that enables you to become a well-rounded and more informed individual. Also, learning about the diseases put things in perspectives, which helps me to remember materials from other classes. In addition, it exposes me to other important perspectives of health care such as religion, nutrition, and certain neglected population (homeless, LGBT..) - aspects that are often not being emphasized in medical schools" - Thuan 
"It was a fun experience that really helped me learn a lot about medicine and all the aspects of being a doctor. Thank you so much!"Pranavsai
"The disciplines that are taught concurrently in the lectures are immensely helpful. Those disciplines have the power to make very well rounded students who have the potential to interview very very well for medical school." - Gabby
"It is a great opportunity for students that are interested in the health field to get a sense of the material that medical students learn during their first two years of schooling. Not only is the material interesting and great to learn, but the program also offers extra experiences outside the classroom.."-Anonymous Submission