Our course is specifically targeted for students who desire to be exposed and primed for the first two years of medical school. 



A NEW STANDARD- We believe all motivated premedical students should have tangible access to getting a head start on their medical training.

EASY TO LEARN- The lectures slides do not only teach you WHAT you have to know about medicine and the human body, but also HOW you should master and commit the information to long-term memory. There are thousands of mnemonics and memory tricks, visuals, and diagrams integrated in each lecture. We prompt your memory so next time (hopefully in medical school) you get exposed to the same material, it won't be foreign to you.

SUPPORT- Our instructors and coordinators are here to offer guidance in every aspect of your premedical education. We realize you have a life outside of our course and tailor our course schedule to fit busy schedules. 

EFFICIENCY- We strive to help you learn and absorb as much material as possible in the course by integrative case study-based learning alongside exams which cover every disease and diagnosing skill.

INNOVATIVE MEDICAL EDUCATION-Medical schools are updating their curriculum, and we want to make sure you gain the most effective approach to learning as we can find.