Premed Activities


After The MCAT- After the MCAT students typically have less activities to return to. Because you must still continue working to increase your application strength, we want to help. Here is what we can offer to you to help boost your application.

    • Med Ed- You will gain access to our Med Ed program which hosts weekly powerpoints, podcasts, exams, and homework assignments on USMLE Step 1 Material. This is great for students who are still in the study mood!  You can also join the JS Med Ed team as a program coordinator for your college.

    • Nutrition/Exercise- Even after the program we will be able to continue helping you on these goals as we believe that healthy physicians will one day lead to healthier patients.

    • Clinical Research Consultant Training - Axilogy Consultants LLC. has a second purpose in training students in Clinical Research through our Senior Clinical Associate, Dr. Kamal Tiwana. Training in this field can create a vast amount of opportunities for research in medical school and improving later residency applications.

    • Activities Assessment- Our intern team searches your nearby area and review your college activities to determine what volunteer opportunities may increase your chances for getting accepted into medical school.

    • Axilogy Team- Students scoring above the 90th percentile are able to be interviewed for intern positions in our growing MCAT company.