Axilogy offers premed courses that help premedical students learn medicine early. Students seeking to understand what to expect in medical school, get a head start on medical school material, learn medicine, and simply improve their ability to understand premed prerequisites or study something after the MCAT seek this course. We accept students ranging from freshman in college to students about the begin medical school. Competitive high school students are accepted with additional support from our team to enhance comprehension. The course covers materials tests on the USMLE Step 1 and 2, licensing exams that medical students take in their 2nd and 3rd year of medical school. It simplifies content to enhance retention and adds subjects that improve patient-understanding through 42 biosocial topics such as public health, history of medicine, drug addiction and recovery, and more. These subjects not only improve understanding, but provide innovative ideas to expand exposure to different communities of patients to enhance your own care skills. Students receive access to a self-paced course that provides valuable feedback through the completion of all 84 modules. The course is great for students seeking to improve their AMCAS as a certification of completion is provided at the end the states your understand and exposure to these materials. The syllabus below details the many topics we cover. Students can use our medical student planner or premed planner along with this course to prepare and learn how to manage time effectively. For 2 years, Axilogy's medical education course has changed how premedical students advance their application by allowing them to learn what medical students learn early. These modules teach you how to quickly retain content and train you to study faster while also testing you in a review-based manner. The course is tailored around the newest learning methods to both prime and prepare you to succeed in medical school. 


Support- We offer a noncompetitive and supportive environment. 


Mission- We aim to eliminate the fire hydrant effect many medical students feel upon entering medical school. 


Online- We are accessible anywhere you have internet. We use the most modern online course software to perfect your learning experience. Since our material and exams are unique, despite being online, you will learn the material well through our methods of exposure.


Design that caters to you- You don't need to read 1000s of medical text books to be ready for medical school. We help clarify and solidify the content you find in such books as well as point out what you actually must learn. We then test you on it to make sure you've got the hang of it.


AMCAS and Medical School Interviewing- 84 topics in medicine and patient-centered care improve your fluency for conversation of why you are interested in medicine and how you are committed to caring for patients. It also provides a great premed summer program for your AMCAS or resume that shows your value of self-motivated  education in the field. 

A New Standard- We believe all premedical students should have exposure and priming to materials in medical school so they do not feel stressed or scared by the idea of starting.


Patient Centered- We increase your confidence and knowledge to work with several demographics.


Affordability- Students have the option of paying the $500.00 course fee over 12 weeks through our installment plan.


Learning Made Easy- All material is focused around memory-tricks and retention-based learning. Our learning modules also give you tangible tools to use in medical school.


We make MCAT Scores and Premed Prerequisite GPA go up - We help make your science curriculum becomes more interested with clinical examples. Students also find the psychology and biology portions of the new MCAT to be much easier after the course (although this is NOT an MCAT course). Many in the 2016 cohort reported not only getting accepted to medical school, but we have received their input of MCAT scores of 508, 512, 523, and 520. Many have yet to take the MCAT and work with our MCAT program for it.


Holistic Care- Learning about different diseases, age-groups, LGBT, veterans, and being training in everything from exercise/nutrition to spiritual support will allow you to build upon your previous knowledge and everyday experiences!


Your average week- To cover 84 subjects in 12 weeks, we must address atleast 4 biomedical and 4 humanities-based topics each week. Each Mon,Tu,Wed,Thu a new lecture containing a medical and social topic is release. All exams are due 7 days after the release of the material. 


Learn even more- Self-motivated students are provided with individualized material to read on top of the course to enhance understanding. We take on students who want to get a head-start on medical school and the USMLE prior to entering medical school. 


Leadership- Our course gives you knowledge that many of your peers may not have. This gives you the tools to begin leadership roles in premedical committees through the application of this knowledge.