Med Ed Course


Raising the standards of medical education. 

The JumpStart Medical Education (JS Med Ed) program is a competitive online six-month long course designed as a self-paced Premed Program for Accepted Medical Students and Premeds.

Why Learn Medicine Early?

You are premed because you are dedicated and hardworking. Only 1/3 of college premeds actually make it to med school! In order to make yourself stand out, you need to prove that you are committed. Medicine is interesting, fun, and completely relevant to your basic science courses and the MCAT. So why not learn it now?

Our course is built to be affordable and comprehensive. We focus on giving each student the tools they need to further themselves as dedicated premeds. Taking a course that simplifies medicine in a way that even students without science background can understand, you will find our course to fit in easily to your busy schedule. Our interns are hard at work finding volunteer opportuntiies which will correlate to our weekly online "Problem-Based Learning" lectures along with NEW UNPUBLISHED JS Med Ed textbook chapters, worksheets, weekly exams using adapted questions from MEDICAL SCHOOLS. The course format allows you to be challenged and motivated to learn the material as compared to learning it alone. Our interns plan your volunteer activities so you can choose to continue them long term, therefore providing you a chance to build your medical school admissions resume. After completing the course, you will feel more confident in your decision to pursue medicine, volunteer with different demographics, succeed in science courses, score above the 90th percentile in the MCAT, and get into medical school! we are best in premed program, summer premed program, premedical educational advancement, premedical summer internship program, best summer premed program,best premed program.

"Medical school is like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant."


The JumpStart Medical Education (JS Med Ed) program is a competitive online six-month long course designed to make prospective medical students more prepared than they have ever been to reach their fullest academic potential. We are constantly striving to find more ways to make learning easier, faster, and personalized. We achieve this by providing students with the most efficient learning tools, resources, and exposure to the pre-clinical medical school curriculum. Our entire program is self-paced, easily accessible, and designed to revolutionize medical education and make medicine less daunting, all the while propelling our students toward success!

If you are a college junior or currently preparing for the MCAT, please refer to our MCAT support first to decide if the course can be done concurrently.

JUMPSTART MEDED IS THE LEADER IN PREMEDICAL EDUCATIONAL ADVANCEMENT. Our course is specially targeted for college students to learn medicine based on the biopsychosocial-spiritual model of care. We believe every premedical student should have the opportunity to get a tangible head start on their medical education. By enrolling, you are guaranteed to enhance your medical application through advancing your knowledge of medicine along with your holistic understanding of healthcare. 


INSTRUCTORS- Your online instructor creates our program materials and has years of experience in medical education with undergraduates and high school students. Our local instructors receive 6 months of training which allow them to conduct sessions onsite.

COORDINATORS- Once you enroll, a coordinator will be specifically assigned for you. Our coordinators are knowledgeable of local organizations in your area. They will meet with you to create a specific plan for your local experiences.

LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS- Our coordinators collaborate with hundreds of organizations around the nation to ensure you are able to follow our program in any city or location. We believe experiences are just as important as our lectures and thus invest our resources to providing them for you.


A NEW STANDARD- We believe all motivated premedical students should have tangible access to getting a head start on their medical training. Thus, we make enrolling and starting the course simple so you can begin right away.

EASY TO LEARN- The lectures slides do not only teach you WHAT you have to know about medicine and the human body, but also HOW you should master and commit the information to long-term memory. There are thousands of mnemonics and memory tricks, visuals, and diagrams integrated in each lecture. We prompt your memory so next time (hopefully in medical school) you get exposed to the same material, it won't be foreign to you.

SUPPORT- Our interns and coordinators are here to offer guidance in every aspect of your premedical education. We realize you have a life outside of our course! Our interns are trained to tutor all pre-med course requirements to ensure your GPA is not affected during the course. In fact, all our students have reported doing better in their own classes since they started applying the same study tools and techniques we teach in our course. Our coordinators understand the stress of the medical admissions process and support you in your short and long term academic and professional goals. Our classroom environment is supportive, we prevent competition by rewarding based on participation although your exams and activities are graded to track your progress. MCAT preparation after or before the course.

EFFICIENCY- We strive to help you learn and absorb as much material as possible in a short 12 weeks period. We do this by integrative case study-based learning alongside exams which cover every disease and diagnosing skill. Our holistic experiences can be completed in 12 short sessions, with unlimited access to the material so you can review it anytime. Our course, although live & interactive from 12-3pm Sat/Sun, can be watched anytime to fit your busy schedule.

INNOVATIVE MEDICAL EDUCATION-Medical schools are updating their curriculum, and we want to make sure you gain the most effective approach to learning as we can find. Our research team focuses on finding the most updated and research based teaching methods which allow our classroom sessions to be engaging and challenging in order to allow you to best absorb the information.

About The Med Ed Course

 Background-Our instructors are scientists, professors, medical students, teaching assistants, and teachers themselves. They volunteer their time as they truly believe in the importance of spreading this information to as many premedical students as possible. While we strongly believe medical faculty can bring a lot to our program, our focus is in creating a program than can be provided to students in any area and at any time. We prefer students teaching students as they truly understand the misinterpretations and learning strategies of current students. Our sessions approach learning through case studies. These sessions can be held by our trained staff as they involve learning through strategically placed mini-lectures in each case.

A New Standard- We believe all premeds should enter medical school with a basic understanding of what is coming. They should have exposure and priming to materials in medical school so they do not feel stressed or scared by the idea. We want to personally affect each student so that they do not feel the fire hydrant effect of information many med students complain about. Our course not only focuses on education, but also experience. We will expose and increase your confidence for working with several demographics so that you can easily talk, discuss, and work with any patient you may run into. By making the course affordable and accessible to all students across the nation, we hope to set new standards for the preparedness of premeds! 

Support- The premedical field is KNOWN for being "cutthroat". We want nothing to do with this! Our program is small and makes sure to interview all onsite students to screen for those who might be too competitive and bring others down. Your fellow premed should know as much or more than you do, if they do not, it is your job to help. As a future physician, you need to support your peers. Our instructors are completely supportive and expect you to provide the same type of environment for other students.

Affordability- We are able to keep the cost low due to our AMAZING instructors & founders who have dedicated their time in making the materials and spreading the course. Our course will improve you in basic science courses as well as the MCAT as well.

Scholarships- We give out scholarships to students who are disadvantaged and absolutely cannot afford the $100 course fee. You can apply for this scholarship by writing a 1000 character (without spaces) essay on why you are disadvantaged financially. 

Onsite- Onsite students are interviewed and selected based on personal motivation and disadvantages. 50-70% of our onsite students are considered minorities in the medical field. We appreciate unique stories and backgrounds that may provide a more diverse learning environment for our classroom. Students with ongoing weekend activities or who are not near a local site are typically recommended for the online course only to prevent any issues arising in the course.

Training-Our instructors sit through an entire 12 week course and are involved in answering student questions. They are then involved in creating new course content that can be tailored for the size of students at their college. Training involves weekly skype meetings that allow our instructors to implement brand new medical education strategies into their own classroom. We allow our instructors to manipulate case studies to best fit their class interested while maintaining our basic content to achieve a consistent yet personalized education. Instructors are allowed to move at a pace consistent to their average learner so advance students (most premeds) do not feel "bored" as they may in typical college courses. Our online sessions are held by our main course creator thus providing you the best online learning experience possible.

 Learning Made Easy- Our course materials and layout is designed by a medical student with a passion for education. She believes that any material can be made easy through stories, analogies, mnemonics, and deeper explanations/links that allow your brain to actually learn the material. With enthusiasm and fun ways to learn this vast amount of material, you can challenge yourself and gain a new perspective for medical education.

Applicable Education- It is hard to stay focused on medical care when you are forced to learn organic chemistry or even biochemistry without medical examples! We integrate all of your basic science courses in out curriculum to make your education more applicable to patients and medical school.

Holistic Care- Medicine is not just a science. Taking care of a human involves social, physical, and knowledge-based skills. We hope to provide training in all of these so you have a good foundation to build on when you enter medical school. Working with different diseases, age-groups, LGBT, veterans, and being training in everything from exercise/nutrition to spiritual support will allow you to set or even build upon your older skills! Our 20+ experiences allow you to continue volunteering if you find an interest so that you may add it to your medical school application.

Funding Allocation- majority of our funds are currently being used to develop a homeless shelter designed to provide top of the line K-12 homeschooling education to homeless children in Boston. We use the remainder of our funding to provide intervention tutoring to students with GPAs below 3.0 and MCAT prep to high-scoring disadvantaged students 

Online- Anyone is welcome to enroll in our online program. While is program is tailored towards premeds, we have accepted several people who are simply interested in learning about the content offered in the course or who may be pursuing other healthcare fields. We are welcome to accepting more future nurses, dentists, podiatrists, D.O.s, masters/PhD/postbacc students, and those interested in nonmedical fields as well. Our course does a great job of explaining difficult content in a pace understandable for any background and we welcome anyone who is interested. 

Example of Curriculum Week 1:

Intro To Healthcare- Learn about major concerns in healthcare such as suicide, divorce, childhood development, drug addiction, and general death stats. Understand court cases, medical ethics on an applied basis (an essential to acing any medical school interview) and the fundamentals of the patient doctor relationship.  

Medical Biochemistry- Approach Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, Krebs, Fatty Acid Synthesis, BOxidation, Urea, Amino Acid/Nucleic Acid and Pentose Phosphate pathways and their products through medical case studies involving obesity, diabetes, kidney stones, and several other chronic diseases.

Homeless Health- Understand the sociology of homelessness and routes of care for homeless patients through case studies and in-depth explanations for history-taking. 

Pathophysiology Case Studies- Explore 3 of the most common diseases found in the U.S. through pathophysiology. Understand the disease from gene/environmental causes all the way up to the symptoms manifesting in the patient.

Med Ed Course Schedule

Your average week

Each week consists of two lectures (Saturday and Sunday) from 12-3pm. Podcasts are available after for review. Each Friday at 11:55 pm, a 1 hour exam is due that tests the student on the materials from that week's lectures. Students are also graded on open-ended response case study assignments that challenge the student's approach to issues of medical ethics. Every week, your coordinator

Quarter at a glance

Each week's lectures cover a major medical topic/field and a major medical discipline. Therefore, as the course progresses, students comprehensively learn both the science behind medicine, as well as its application/implementation. 

  • Week 1

    • Day 1: Intro to healthcare, study tips, homeless health

    • Day 2: Basics of biochemistry (G alpha pathways) and physiology (neuromuscular junctions)

  • Week 2

    • Day 3: Cardiology

    • Day 4: Reproductive/developmental systems

  • Week 3

    • Day 5: Endocrinology, LGBT health, women and child health

    • Day 6: Gastroenterology, drug addiction and abuse

  • Week 4

    • Day 7: Immunology

    • Day 8: Hematology

  • Week 5

    • No class

  • Week 6

    • Day 9: Oncology

    • Day 10: Muscular and skeletal systems

  • Week 7

    • Day 11: Neurology

    • Day 12: Psychiatry

  • Week 8

    • Day 13: Renal system

    • Day 14: Respiratory system

  • Week 9

    • Day 15: Lecture wrap-up

*Weekly syllabus is subject to change

Med Ed Course Testimonials

"Jumpstart not only teaches you the materials that are taught in the first two years of medical school, it also incorporates many disciples that enables you to become a well-rounded and more informed individual.  Jumpstart is a great way to get a head start on your medical education, to get to know many wonderful individuals , and to get an extra boost on your med school application. Also, learning about the diseases put things in perspectives, which helps me to remember materials from other classes. In addition, it exposes me to other important perspectives of health care such as religion, nutrition, and certain neglected population (homeless, LGBT..) - aspects that are often not being emphasized in medical schools. Jumpstart not only teaches you the materials that are taught in the first two years of medical school, it also incorporates many disciples that enables you to become a well-rounded and more informed individual."

"Jumpstart was a fun experience that really helped me learn a lot about medicine and all the aspects of being a doctor. Thank you so much!"

"The disciplines that are taught concurrently in the lectures are immensely helpful. Those disciplines have the power to make very well rounded students who have the potential to interview very very well for medical school."

"Being selected to learn and participate in JumpStart has been one of the greatest privileges for my first quarter back to UCSD... It's inspiring to be taught by some of the most brilliant individuals who I continually look up to. The information intrigues me with the flawless designs further accompanied with tips and tricks (i.e. hilarious mnemonics) to better engrain information on my mind. Although I was at first intimidated by the CBT's, I became accustomed to the format of the tests by studying beforehand effectively. I value being a part of this pilot cohort and being exposed to material and experiences that will serve me well through my pursuit of medical school in the near future. The passion of all members are unquestionable."

"The instructors are really nice and approachable, They are willing to work with what your interests are without ignoring things that are important for a well-rounded medical learning."

"JumpStart is a great opportunity for students that are interested in the health field to get a sense of the material that medical students learn during their first two years of schooling. Not only is the material interesting and great to learn, but the program also offers extra experiences outside the classroom. From yoga classes to learning about hospice care, students gain a tremendous amount of knowledge in healthcare. I would recommend JumpStart to for anyone who loves to learn and want to be part of a group of people who are passionate and dedicated to their education."

"The JumpStart Program has an absolutely amazing staff that go the extra mile for you. The program helps students grasp rigorous scientific concepts, but also brings social issues into perspective. Being able to understand and bring together the social issues and science will benefit everyone in their future medical endeavors. I highly recommend this program for prospective healthcare students that want to gain an edge before they enter professional schools."

*Update: All students who provided the testimonials above are now 1st or 2nd year medical students