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Our multi-step approach focuses on personalized MCAT prep which enhances student comfort and confidence while boosting their test scores incrementally. Designed by Amareen Dhaliwal in 2015 to enhance student scores on the new exam.


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We support all of our students! In order to do so, we will make sure you are aware of suggestions for test dates and we will review your academic history in order to see how much and how well we can prep in the specified amount of time. Our goal will always be to push you to reach 110% every day.

Signing Up

Before you sign up, you are welcome to call or email us in order to find the best test date and prep time for you. We will not push you to sign up until you think you are ready.


We will not send our students to their testing room without instilling as much confidence in them as we possibly can. Many students are taught to believe the MCAT is a "monster" that is very difficult. This lowers students' confidence which later makes an impact on their score through nervousness, overthinking, and reguessing themselves. Unlike other aspects, it is very difficult to restore confidence in the MCAT as many strangers do not understand the exam. Confidence (not arrogance) is created in order to see that extra boost in your score.


You may be thinking: "Why does a company care about our happiness?" Well, the truth is... because it affects your score! Studying for several hours a day for subjects you may struggle with is morally defeating. More so, leaving your hobbies, free time, friends, and loved ones behind may push you towards being unhappy. Our coaches have been there and can make sure you get out of that mindset before it leads to burnout. While we will make sure you work hard, we will not allow you to feel defeated.


The main reason we only hire coaches who have taken the new exam is due to endurance. A 7 & 1/2 hour exam requires much more than extra material. The mental endurance for this exam is gained through practice, sleep, diet, and exercise. No matter how much time you may have, all of these factors play a major role in what your score will be on test day.


Premeds are always on their feet. We do not want to change that. While we may recommend shortcuts and activities that can be cut out of your schedule, we will make sure that you find a way to fit in any and all study time. Whether it be doing review at the bench in your lab or reading notes while walking to class, our compilation of time-saving techniques will get you there. If time is still short, we will create a plan that allows you to learn the same material in a more condensed and faster pace.


Students who prepare for the MCAT will end up plateauing once they run out of tricks. Are strategies are loaded with new ways to learn and more material than you can think of! Several of our students may sign up just because of a plateau and we support that! A plateau signifies the need for a change of pace and we are ready to provide the strategies which will get your score up!