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we teach law school content...

Motivated pre-law students can take our course to enhance their application, prime themselves, and ensure they will succeed when they start law school. 

Our course is taught by law school professors and creates a condensed but real-world prep that will even prepare you for Bar. The course is 80 lessons and 


There is a concerning crisis threatening the future of the profession


Law schools are flooding the legal job market with a glut of new lawyers. Many are unequipped, uninformed, and untrained to deal with the realities of the current legal environment.

Almost no applicant understands the full scope of law school admissions until it is too late to use this knowledge. We repeatedly hear from many of students, parents, and educators that they have no specific strategy for applying to law school.


What We Offer

  • The First Ever 80 Lesson Early Law School Course


  • Dedicated Commitment to Your Success: 

Get the law school grades you want with early preparation. Not only does it look fantastic for proof-of-capability, but it primes you for law school! 

Support- We offer a noncompetitive and supportive environment. 


Mission- We aim to eliminate the fire hydrant effect many law students feel upon entering law school. 


Online- We are accessible anywhere you have internet. We use the most modern online course software to perfect your learning experience. Since our material and exams are unique, despite being online, you will learn the material well through our methods of exposure.


Design that caters to you- You don't need to read 1000s of law text books to be ready for law school. We help clarify and solidify the content you find in such books as well as point out what you actually must learn. We then test you on it to make sure you've got the hang of it.


AMCAS and Law School Interviewing- 84 topics in medicine and patient-centered care improve your fluency for conversation of why you are interested in medicine and how you are committed to caring for patients. It also provides a great prelaw summer program for your application or resume that shows your value of self-motivated  education in the field. 

A New Standard- We believe all prelaw students should have exposure and priming to materials in law school so they do not feel stressed or scared by the idea of starting.


Client Centered- We increase your confidence and knowledge to work with several demographics.


Affordability- Students have the option of paying the $500.00 course fee over 12 weeks through our installment plan.


Learning Made Easy- All material is focused around memory-tricks and retention-based learning. Our learning modules also give you tangible tools to use in law school.


We make LSAT Scores and Prelaw Prerequisite GPAs go up - We help make your pre-law curriculum becomes more interested with real life examples. Students also find the reading and writing portions of the new LSAT to be much easier after the course (although this is NOT an LSAT course).


Your average week- To cover 80 subjects in 12 weeks, we must address atleast 4 topics each week. Each Mon,Tu,Wed,Thu a new lecture containing a topic is released. All exams are due 7 days after the release of the material. 


Learn even more- Self-motivated students are provided with individualized material to read on top of the course to enhance understanding. We take on students who want to get a head-start on law school and the BAR prior to entering law school. 

Launching January 1st, 2018.