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about us

Axilogy is an online education company based out of Boston, MA. We are a multi-million dollar, award-winning company that has conquered the use of advanced coaching techniques (the ones olympic athletes and bodybuilders rely on) to help students climb impossible mountains. We believe that your ability to achieve any goal in life is determined by the amount of belief you have, and the drive to acquire the necessary resources to achieve any goal. Past failures, lack of skillset, or performance are NOT indicative of your performance as an student, professional, or individual.  We utilize education theories, an intensive teacher training program, and several PhDs and MDs with over 500 total teacher year experience to develop some of the most effective education programs to date. 

Our Mission: At the end; we really just want bored students to be challenged at a level they deserve, with a career they deserve. We want to develop and execute bigger and brighter plans for our students; maybe more than their parents or loved ones could imagine. We do this by creating adaptive, customizable learning experiences, available to everyone, at a fraction of the cost. We invite everyone to join us as we pioneer a future where doing business is doing good for all. A daily coach is the new stream of learning. Read our pages, chat with us, or see how our students have enjoyed our program to realize the potential of coaching. The determination it takes to do well is inside each and everyone. The only question left is “how much do you want it?





On Boarding

All students undergo an application to prepare the student and the coach for proper training. We allow students to share their faults, fears, and defeats to better target their scores. Our analysis of students begins before they sign up to ensure the student will thrive. 

FirST Conference

A white board and skype. We keep it simple for students by setting up an hourly plan for them to follow. The first conference allows the student and coach to begin enhancing the student's environment for optimal performance.

Daily Check-in

We care; sometimes more than you know. Our coach will check in via text and phone calls daily based on preference. Because most of our students are not allowed to use their phones during studying; an end of day phone call can be provided rather than text. 


Our students do 5-10x more content prep and practice exams than the average 95th percentile student. We do this to ensure we surpass all plateaus while making studying more intriguing. In less time and with more under your belt, success on the exam will become as sweet as cake.

Private Walk

We don't believe in tutoring. Don't get us wrong; we think it has helped some. But studies have shown than the wrong tutor can leave a student at the same GPA and practice score even 20 hours in. So instead; we do private walks. These walks go through practice tests in real time to get you performing. 


Stats are the most important determinant of the score. We measure a handbook of stats to determine if test day should come sooner or later. This allows for intelligence in performing high the first time; preventing students from being one of the 60-80% of students who retake. Our students meet the 90th percentile prior to test day. 

Step-up approach

Coaching allows us to step up student schedules by the day. At the same cost of a weekly tutor; we are able to get a student improving 10-fold each day rather than each week. This is where the key lies. 


While many of our students come to us with test anxiety, all take the test stress free. Having a coach eliminates the fear and uncertainty of the unknown in education. We guide the way and do it right each time. 

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.
— Winston Churchill