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MCAT Prep Is A Marathon. Not a Sprint.  

Review alone will only get you to the low 500s. Anything above that is mastering strategy. 

t’s tiring and can get depressing at times. You’re mentally exhausted, completely burnt out. But you’re not alone. 

Our team of experts have been there, made many mistakes, did it wrong. However, it is these very experiences that allow us to save 1,200,000+ Hours of work for our students, boost MCAT scores, and instilled the belief that anyone can achieve any goal. 

“I want to do well on the MCAT. I feel like I've done everything right. I’ve been pulling all-nighters at least five days a week for the past three months. I’ve taken what seems like a million prep courses, study guides, flashcards. I’ve even gone through at least 9 MCAT study books. 

I even created cheat sheets, used my eidetic memory to look at them for a couple of seconds. Spent time teaching the concepts to some other students preparing for the MCAT to refine my verbal reasoning. 

These are the same strategies I’ve used all my life and worked like a charm in the past. 

 Not this time… I only managed a low 500’s on the MCAT and lie to my friend’s about my real score out of pure embarrassment. 

I honestly don’t understand what’s going on. I’m not incompetent or plain stupid. If I had to guess, I’d say that I’m around the 95-99 percentile based on my class based off of my SATs and undergrad GPA.


The worst part about this whole situation is the amount of pressure I’m feeling from friends and family as well as the internal pressure I put on myself... I have this drive to amount to something great in the eyes of my parents who are immigrants.


What else can I do to improve a low MCAT score?”


-Aspiring, but mentally drained pre-med student.


A Letter From CEO & Co-Founder: Amareen Dhaliwal

I get these types of messages in my inbox on a regular basis from people of all walks of life preparing for their MCAT. There’s no denying that the path to medical school is full of hardship, sleepless nights, self-doubt you name it. 

So why did I attach that letter?

To illustrate what most students preparing for the MCAT are experiencing and to let you know that you’re not alone.

You are under all under immense pressure devoting serious attention to making your med school application perfect. Staying organized and on top of your application requirements and deadlines is no walk in the park. 

We believe that your ability to achieve any goal in life is determined by the amount of belief you have, and the drive to acquire the necessary resources to achieve any goal.  

Past failures, lack of skillset, or performance on the MCAT are NOT indicative of your performance as an student, professional, or individual.  

The determination it takes to do well is inside each and everyone. The only question left is “how much do you want it?

Unlike most Education Programs, Axilogy arms our MCAT students with the resources and support to approach difficult tasks as challenges to master rather than threats to be avoided - instilling the proper belief in every student that they have the capacity to accomplish anything in life. 

Keep reading to discover if you qualify for a fully customized, step-by-step plan outlining the fastest path to a successful MCAT exam, and the right help and feedback on the day to day challenges.

Why Intelligent, Competent, Hard-working students with solid SAT and college GPAs FAIL…

Many students entering college with dreams of becoming a doctor find themselves changing their mind somewhere along the way. Of course, some have simply found a different calling, but the fact remains that many students change their career path because of intimidation.

Do any of these questions apply to you?

  • Does your upcoming MCAT Prep make you feel like a failure? 
  • Do you suffer from feelings of isolation, like the world is closing in on you - and so overwhelmed and depressed that you see your dreams of becoming a doctor slip away?
  • Does it frustrate you that your current MCAT Prep Course doesn’t strike an equal balance between content and practice problems?
  • Do you struggle with finding a balance between content and practice problems.
  • Do you ever imagine what your life would be like if you are able to achieve your greatest potential, organize and execute the courses of action required for a successful performance on your MCAT?


How You Can Pinpoint the Most Beneficial Next Step to Apply Immediately on YOUR Journey to Med School


Remember the scene in the first Matrix where Neo (Keanu Reeves) learns martial arts in just 12 seconds. He is hooked up to the computer, and the ‘martial arts’ are uploaded into his brain.

In one of the more memorable scenes in the movie, Neo comes out of the upload session, opens his eyes and says ... “I know Kung-Fu!”

That’s what we want for YOU!
Now obviously, we can’t transfer our everything we know directly into your brain. But our team of coaches, tutors, and consultants can put our collective experience at your disposal. Combined with what you know about MCAT preparation—we can develop a plan to dramatically reduce the time it takes to study and retain information...and overcome any tactical challenge you may be facing FAST.
More importantly, we'll put any overwhelming feelings to the grave and lay everything out for you STEP BY STEP.

You see, between our coaches, consultants and tutors... 


  • We’ve built a successful test prep company…
  • We’ve helped 1,000s of who’ve gone on to become physicians…
  • We’ve seen thousands of mistakes and know the consequences... 
  • And we’ve witnessed hundreds of successful students improve not only MCAT scores, but their entire experience…

I can almost guarantee that whatever challenges you may be facing, is something that one of us have also experienced and knows exactly what to do (and what not to do!)
With our combined experience at your disposal, we can spot the weaknesses in your current study strategies... And plot the best path to victory…
A path more likely to be easier and faster than the one you’re on right now..

With minimal nancial expenses...

Which preserves your morale and momentum!

Then, when you go into battle with the MCAT you’ll have OUR skills on a ‘muscle memory’ even if something happens which the initial plan didn’t anticipate, you can react immediately with lethal effect.

Before we dive into the details, I have a quick question for you...

Which of These Scenarios Have You Experienced?


“I wasted an entire month just trying to learn how to study for the MCAT. It was very inefficient starting out. Now when I look back I wish I had budgeted this in when I first started my MCAT prep. Because I only planned three months of prep and burned one month, I was already 60 days out from the exam before gaining any real traction.”


“I’m midway through my current MCAT Winter Bootcamp which runs for four weeks, and I find myself feeling neutral about the course. Despite there being a lot of online resources, I just don’t feel like I am retaining much of the information. I’ve tried keeping up with the mini-homework assignments, but I certainly haven’t been able to complete everything by the suggested due dates.”  

“I expected a review course to teach me everything I need for the MCAT. But I can’t review what I don’t already know.”

“I wish I had a support network for the MCAT. It would’ve been nice to have a few study partners to have review sessions with.“

“Current MCAT is fairly new. It was released in 2015.So many MCAT Prep companies still haven’t adequately prepared for it, and the biggest problem is that their practice material is not similar enough to the new MCAT.”

“AAMC releases more material suited to the new format. Unfortunately, these test prep companies have failed to revise their books and practice questions to be more applicable to the new MCAT style and content.”


And how do you solve these problems?

The Single Most Important (and DESTRUCTIVE) Thing Either Helping YOU or Holding You Back   


Our mindsets determine the way we perceive the world as well as the way we behave and who we are as people. It’s very easy to stay stuck in fixed mindsets - limiting beliefs about our abilities and skills that prevent us to learn new things. 


We can intentionally cultivate a growth mindset that allows to stretch our mind and amplify the realm of possibilities, and who we are. 

Amplifying our mindsets is one, if not the most important secrets to success. 


The MCAT does a wonderful of testing the content of introductory science courses. Combine that with the critical thinking skills, and you'll make an excellent physician.


To be successful, as with any exam, the time for review and preparation for the exam has to be there. The last couple of months leading to the exam was a blur. All I remember was spending twenty hours days studying for weeks (which I don't recommend). So believe me when I say that I completely understand where you're coming from.


But more than that, I attribute my success on the exam to the way I studied and developed my metacognition in the years leading up to the exam. It was during my first few years in college that I developed the way of thinking that ultimately led to my success.


One of the biggest misconceptions about science classes is the perceived necessity to memorize information to regurgitate for the exams. Whereas some amount of memory recall is essential to learning, a focus on rote memorization can detract from the process.


What we've repeatedly observed from our tutors is that, after studying, students can often answer questions from a range of topic. However, when follow-up questions were presented, most students struggle to respond. 



We believe this is the key to learning and being able to switch the way of thinking from short-term memorization to long-term understanding. If more time is devoted to understanding the reasoning behind the scientific principles, then facts will no longer be required to be memorized.


Instead, when asked a question, you can reason your way to the answer. This is the key to developing the critical thinking skills necessary for the MCAT. This test will give you information on topics you’ve never seen before, and if you haven’t learned these reasoning skills, no memorized list is going to help you.


There is no such thing as stupid mistakes. Every single thing you do wrong happened because of a fMed in your thinking, probably one that has persisted throughout your entire studying experience.


Your performance and motivation are in part determined by how effective you believe they can be. We instill fundamental principles of Self-Efficacy which refers to beliefs in one's capabilities to organize and execute situations. Self-efficacy influences people's ability to learn, their motivation and their performance, as people will often attempt to tasks for which they believe they will be successful. 


Here’s How You Can Cut Your “Time to Success” In Half and Avoid A Great Deal of the Financial and Mental Anguish…


Let's go back to in history. 1896 to be exact... 

In case you were unaware, the Anglo-Zanzibar war was the shortest war in history lasting 45 minutes…


During this time, the British were experiencing conflict and were rather unhappy with the regime change in Zanzibar. 


What ensued afterward was a brilliant plan of attack from the Brits who quietly position warships in front of the royal palace and proceeded to blast the place to bits while simultaneously landing royal marines on the ground to assist the attack.

And after just 45 minutes of this brutal, surprise attack, the uncooperative ruler of Zanzibar fled the palace and a more ‘cooperative’ ruler was installed in his place.


You see...


The real key to winning is having both a superior plan of attack AND overwhelming force...



Understanding that the MCAT is a marathon with uniquely different challenges along the way AND accounting for them by building a powerful arsenal of strategies and study retention tools that make the process easier—then you too can attack the MCAT with overwhelming force...


And that is exactly what we’d like to do for you. We want to help you provide that superior plan of attack and arm you with overwhelmingly powerful study strategies and personal development tools.


Plus... not only will you have our combined decades of expertise in hundreds of different areas at your service, but we'll also give you access to a community of other Axilogy members’.


What Is An Alpha Axilogy Leader?


The Alpha Axilogy student is a leader of their tribe. They possess the fighting skill, the ambition, and the power to fight challenges.

Just like Alpha wolves, Alpha Axiology students conquer their competition and maintain their top position against constant threats. 

They also fiercely PROTECT their pack (colleagues, friends, and family).

And as leaders of the hunt, they accept full responsibility for the happiness and welfare of their followers.


An Alpha Axilogy student’s power and responsibility empower him or her to do whatever it takes to achieve his or her goals. 

The Alpha Axilogy student is always prepared for whatever challenges life throws at him/her

Now... if YOU think you might be an Alpha Axilogy Pack…

If you're up for this challenge, then it's going to require a lot of responsibility and hard, but rewarding, work.  Being a part of a community of individuals like Axilogy students will elevate your mindset. Dominating your MCAT exam will no longer seem impossible.

Welcome to our Pack...


The Axilogy Pack Opportunity

Here’s the deal…
We’re an Education Tech company and we have big plans for the test preparation, accelerated education, markets and these plans require us to lead a team of highly motivated students with success in their own lives.
For this reason we’ve priced the Axilogy Pack at an extremely affordable rate, and we are highly motivated to help our members succeed.
In fact, we’re going to be offering you planning services, coaching, advice and support that have been previously unavailable to 99% of most MCAT prep students…


Here’s What You Get As a
Member of The Alpha Axilogy Pack:


Free Personal Consultation

Are you interested in becoming a student at Axilogy?
We’re excited to get to know you and help you through the process of applying of enrolling. Below is an outline of the steps we’ll take together to get you to your first day of school.


Step 1: Fill Application -> 

Step 2: Call for 10-15 Minutes with our trained consultants

Step 3: Get Free Advice + Best Option


Intensive Method to 515+
For students who want to master ALL the subjects covered on the MCAT

5000-20000 questions during prep

600-2400 hours coaching prep

54 schedule updates

80% score success rate 

40 textbooks completed


Stream-lined Process

As a digitally-enabled company we pride ourselves in using the best tools that improve productivity. 


- Daily coaching 10-20 texts a day communication

- Daily email check ins

- Weekly analysis reports

- Biweekly strategy guides

MCAT Walk Through
Part of being as confident and prepared as possible to take your MCAT exam is knowing what to expect and what is expected of you while at the testing center.


Let one of our tutors walk you through each passage and every par to the exam to model the correct way so students can compare etc

5-Party Support System

Private MCAT tutoring is obviously superior to classroom lectures, but tutoring and coaching has never been the norm because of the gigantic price tag. We’re breaking those rules and making new ones. Now anyone can have access to their own private MCAT tutor. 


- Instantly receive access to our support system which consists of:

1) student (efficacy) 2) parents/friends (reminder/pillar) 3) consultant (checks w you and the coach/tutor/provide strategy guides) 4) coach (daily support; training with up to 120 hours in education theory and science, 95th + percentile) 5) tutor (walk through exams; solve content issues)

Peek Week Bootcamp
All MCAT, all the time,
with no distractions and constant daily mentoring from our most elite MCAT experts.

- The most intensive, fully-immersive, boot-camp-style course ever created.

- More personal attention than any other summer MCAT program.

- 20 minute per test day pep talk 

- Post test call, peek week hourly schedule etc
- Hands-On Admissions


How Much Is Advice Like This Worth
To Your Professional and Your Personal Future?


This isn’t a course where you watch a bunch of videos, and you’re left to your own devices. This is a personal help, private coaching, and top-level mastermind network of respected MCAT tutors, coaches, and consultants with decades of experience providing you with proven step-by-step guidance and direction for your unique situation.


And that’s not even counting all the additional support and insights you can glean from the other members in the program. In just a few minutes, you could be a part of one of the most exclusive online communities surrounded by Axilogy students who are serious about both their success…And yours.


But we’ve seen first-hand the damage a lone-wolf approach can inflict on a pre-med student’s career. In the wild, lone wolves live a terrible life as they are left to their own vices. They subsist mainly on rodents due to insanity caused the stresses and anxiety of the exam process.


Lone wolves, in our experience, don’t fare much better. They lost years of their lives trying to figure it out on their own. Sacrifice thousands literally if not hundreds of dollars with other test prep courses that lack the type of value needed. 


We have big plans for the “Alpha Axilogy Pack”…making it the ‘in-community” of the most successful MCAT students today. And because this is so important to us, we’re letting members join this program at an almost unheard of low price…




As an Axilogy Pack Member
Your Rate Is Only $1250/mo…

Just $1250/month.


That’s right… If you act quickly you can pay just $1250/month (and lock that monthly rate in forever!!!).


That’s just [insert monetary value] per day!


Now… at this price, I think you’d have to agree you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth even if you only asked a few questions all year long. (Compare that to your typical test-prep company)


But if you take full advantage of the program you can easily get an [insert value] times return on your investment.


Because where else can you get direct, weekly access to tutors and coaches who’ve saved 1,200,000+ Hours of work for our students, and consistently boost MCAT scores?







Why It’s Completely RISK FREE to Join
With Our 7 Day ‘Free Roaming’ Guarantee…


After you’ve joined and roamed about our group, if you don’t agree the Axilogy Pack Mastermind has armed you with the knowledge and confidence to dramatically boost your MCAT scores—and given you the tools to achieve the success you envision in the fastest and easiest way possible, just let us know anytime within 30 days of your initial purchase. We’ll quickly refund every penny. No questions asked and no conditions.

Simply put, you either know with certainty that you’re on the fastest, easiest path to success or you receive ALL your money back. Even after the refund period is over, you can still cancel your subscription at any time. One email to support [at] is all it takes!


Plus You’ll Get All These Great
Bonuses Just For Saying “Maybe”


If you’re an Alpha Axilogy Member (or are determined to become one) then we’re willing to go a LONG way to get you to join our pack…

That’s why we’ve put together these three very special bonuses to get you to join us for awhile and give the membership a try.

These bonuses are yours to keep, even if you ultimately decide you’re not cut out to be an Axilogy student…


FREE BONUS #1: Free MCAT Strategy Guide

[insert description paragraph]



FREE BONUS #2: Free MCAT Study Schedule

[insert description paragraph]


FREE BONUS #3: Free MCAT Question Bank

[insert description paragraph]

3,000 questions (1000 psych 1000 soc 500 bioch 700 research + more soon)


You’ll Also Get


I’m not going to put a price on these three bonuses, because their value depends on how you implement them in your life. How much would immediately tapping into a new source of hidden productivity be worth to you? 


How much would you be willing to invest for a consistent and stable test preparation? Or how much time and frustration would you save by starting a new study plan with the right step-by-step game plan?


And these three bonuses are just the beginning. You get them immediately when you join the Axilogy Mastermind…



Here is just a teaser of a few of the bonus modules you’ll get in the coming months…






There’s Only One Issue Left…
Do You Qualify To Join The Alpha Axilogy Pack?

Not everyone is cut out to be an Alpha Axilogy Pack member.

We need to know you have the potential to become an Alpha Student and that requires you to genuinely answer YES to all of the questions below.

Because if you answer ‘no’ to some or all of them, you’ll find the pack doesn’t suit you, and you’d probably leave (or be asked to leave) without having accomplished anything substantial.

Here are the questions…


Are you hungry? – Have you decided you desperately want to improve the skills and stamina necessary to tackle the MCAT and will do whatever it takes to get there? 


Are you tough? – Do you have enough stamina and willpower to follow us for the length of the hunt? Building a business takes time and persistence. We don’t want to waste our time with someone who doesn’t have what it takes to complete the journey.


Are you courageous? – Succeeding online means standing out from the crowd. Are you willing to test unique and sometimes even unusual techniques you haven’t heard anywhere else? Are you willing to share a bold message in your network even when colleagues try to pull you down?


Will you PROTECT the pack? – Will you speak up if you see a fellow Axilogy member make a wrong move? Will you guide others and share advice? Each individual student fills in where others are weak…that’s the “Med of the Pack” and we take it seriously.

If you answered YES to all of the above questions, then you likely qualify as an Alpha Axilogy Pack member. But please note we DO reserve the right to cancel and refund any member who proves to be a poor fit for the group at any time—because protecting the community is paramount for us!


Axilogy provides their Official Axilogy MCAT (Med School Admissions Test) Prep Course to assist prospective students in preparation for the MCAT exam. 

Why should you join our revolutionary, results driven boot camp program now? It’s more than a MCAT program in fact, we guarantee that this will change your life

We know that you will love how quickly MCAT Program delivers measurable results without the traditional and BORING routine of buying a book from a big test-prep company, spending countless hours reading it from front-to-back, and cramming with little retention. You might agree that it’s time to shatter the idea that a study routine should be boring

What if you could easily experience the MCAT results you desire from an amazing new test-prep program for a fraction of what traditional test-prep companies are charging?

What if you had 24/7 access to the kind of individual attention expected from a private MCAT instructor backed with a quality of training expected from a Ph.D professor?

What if you could develop titan like concentration, cheetah like testing-efficiency, and the stamina of a determined marathon runner every day just by adding a new twist to your daily study routine

Are you ready to experience the results that so many like you dream of, but few fail to discover?

Discover a New Way to Study Today. Try Axilogy here.

Allow us to prove to you that you can easily unlock a new level of mental-fitness. Follow our study plan and you WILL succeed.

Structured for Success

(“Application” Button) (“Do you have any questions?” Button)


Position Yourself For Success!

  • Take a free practice exam – the official MCAT website offers a free practice exam. Replicate testing conditions and test yourself. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Come to the course prepared and aware of your weak areas. Provide your score when prompted at registration.


  •     ○    Prioritize practice – Spend at least three months preparing for the exam. Daily practice should include answering approximately five quantitative and five verbal questions each day.

This course is taught at a speed appropriate for individuals who have taken college algebra and geometry.


MCAT Program Instructional Structure

 24/7 Instructional Support

  • Part 1: Learner Training (Metacognition, Memory Retention, Speed)
  • Part 2: Study Implementation (The Break-Down of the Plan, Note Taking, Reading, Math)
  • Part 3: X Question A Day Block (Maximizing Speed)
  • Part 4: No Mistake Left Behind (Minimizing Mistakes)
  • Part 5: Daily Check In Reviews & Bi-Weekly Submissions
  • Part 6: Plateau Breaker (Daily Interventions for Plateau in Score)
  • Part 7: Exam Day BootCamp (Simulate Exam Day Up To 30 Times)
  • Part 8: The Needle in the Haystack (Recognizing Minute Errors and Gaps)
  • Part 9: The Healthy Brain (Establishing Fitness, Sleep, and Diet for Brain Health)
  • Part 10: A Rolling Snowball (Developing the Application

Cost – $500/Month. Course fee includes:

  • Consultation
  • Introductory Coaching for Independence 
  • Daily Coaching 
  • Mid-Week Motivation Calls
  • Daily Check Ins (Online or with MCAT Planner Review)
  • Weekly Check Ins & Current Progress Analysis
  • Bi-Weekly Overall Progress Analysis 
  • By-the-hour Plan Development
  • Accountability & Remotivation Structure 
  • Coaches with over 50 hours of cognitive psychology and learner theory training
  • Student Education Theory Brief Course
  • Review of Application Material & Establishment of Stellar Application

MCAT Private Program Contact Form

We take on 15 students every month who prepare for 2-12 months and receive comprehensive guidance until opening their medical school acceptance letter. Submit an application above to get started.


Axilogy uses a special approach to guide you in your MCAT preparation. Many students hire an MCAT tutor and only learn the knowledge portion of the exam. In order to score in the top 10th percentile, you need much more than that. Here at Axilogy, we use a coach that provides guidance in both tutoring and managing the other 99% of your prep. Tutors provide support, prepare your plan, and meet with you for 2 hours a week. Your tutor will also walk you through a full-length exam.