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Axilogy is an online education company based out of Boston, MA. We believe that your ability to achieve any goal in life is determined by the amount of belief you have, and the drive to acquire the necessary resources to achieve any goal.
Past failures, lack of skillset, or performance are NOT indicative of your performance as an student, professional, or individual. The determination it takes to do well is inside each and everyone. The only question left is “how much do you want it? We utilize education theories, an intensive teacher training program, and several PhDs, MDs, and JDs with over 500 total teacher year experience to develop some of the most effective education programs to date. Axilogy is the first company to focus on the coaching approach, one which uses advanced psychologists and trainers to help people become Olympic athletes, lose hundreds of pounds, and overcome insurmountable challenges. Currently, we only prepare students for the MCAT, LSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT standardized exams. Our students have one of the most hands on admissions prep, as we prepare students to develop their subject of interest (be it teaching, cars, even candy) into a professionally well-rounded story for the program of their choice.  We offer programs for busy parents who want their students to advance academically (or for motivated students who don't get enough out of school) through out K12 training program developed by 8 PhDs in Gifted Education. This program has helped students skip grades, ace classes, and "never need a tutor again".  Lastly, we bring our ability to make learning easier into healthcare through patient education courses that give patients, non-physicians, and students the opportunity to learn at a physician-level for each disease.


Our Mission: At the end; we really just want bored students to be challenged at a level they deserve. We want to develop and execute bigger and brighter plans for our students; maybe more than their parents or loved ones could imagine. We do this by creatingadaptive, customizable learning experiences, available to everyone, at a fraction of the cost. We invite everyone to join us as we pioneer a future where doing business is doing good for all.


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