Our Program

Cost of MCAT Prep - The MCAT should already be part of your budget. It weighs more than your GPA (which accumulated cost through extra classes, programs, tutors, books, etc). More so, applying to medical school can cost up to $3,000, with flights and hotels during interviews totaling up to $7,000. If you are not prepared for the MCAT, the money you spent so far on getting a premed-worthy GPA, along with the years you have spent focused on medical school, will be a waste. You are always in better hands being guided by an MCAT tutor, someone who can guide you and prevent you from making big mistakes on test day. 

Phone Call As Soon As Possible- We will call you after you fill out your application to begin developing the best "first approach" and week 1 plan. This plan will be tailored almost daily to adjust to your needs and your coach will continue to update as needed.

Academic History Assessment- Our students come from various backgrounds and we want to know every detail. During your initial consultation, your coach will have reviewed your academic record and calculated what subjects will require more focus in order to make your consultation as efficient as possible using your specified time constraints, grades, and colleges.

General Goals- Your coach will begin by assessing your numerical goals. This includes your score, test date, start-of-prep date, weeks needed, desired score, and lots of other information.

Study Skills Assessment- We will use several questions to determine the study strategies that will work most effectively for you. This is the best time to develop lifelong strategies to make classes & medical school much easier. We will also provide a pre-prep study time assessment every few weeks to determine how many questions or chapters of each subject you can complete in a given time. We will provide a unique solution that may alleviate any underlying issues.

Student-Based Content Assessment- Even with your academic history, we do not know what specific information you have retained. Thus, we go over your premed courses and determine how strongly you feel about them. Afterwards, we go over the ENTIRE AMCAS MCAT outline to determine what you still remember. We use this knowledge to determine what you should study first, middle, and at the end of your prep, as well as what subjects should be studied more frequently. This is similar to taking a diagnostic exam, except we go over all of the material rather than just a very small portion of it.

Materials Used- We select the best materials and subjects to focus on in order to efficiently prepare you. We add in materials that are also OUTSIDE of the typical test prep books. Test prep books are sometimes too concise or were released before the writers knew enough about the exam. Because of this, we have our own compilation of materials resourced from hundreds of places. Depending on your readiness, your coach decides on what materials to study at specific times in order to keep you motivated and improving up until the day of your exam.

Time Assessment - Students have their own unique tricks to saving time. Our students also have busy schedules that may not coincide with their MCAT prep. We want to make sure you still get the same amount of hours in regardless of these activities. We begin by assessing your day-to-day routine on a typical MCAT study-day, and then determine solutions to each time-consuming activity. In our books, we consider all non-MCAT activities to be less important unless they will significantly affect your emotional, physical, or academic (GPA) lives, or medical school entrance abilities. We will then plan your next-weeks schedule on an hourly basis.

Nutrition Program-We will analyze your typical diet and, if desired, create a meal plan that is easily consumable and prep-able for your MCAT prep. 

Exercise Program- In this new day and age, most premeds perform some type of daily exercise. Our exercise programs are designed for you by a certified personal trainer who can help you with all goals from weight loss to muscle gain. We integrate weight training and cardiovascular activities free of charge in ways that can save you time but produce great effects.

Sleep Program- You must be wondering how we can even manage to train you for sleep! This is crucial for your prep. We check in on your sleeping schedule and make sure that, regardless of how motivated you may be, you are resting enough to store those last few chapters in your long-term memory. It is typically obvious when you are not sleeping enough but essential still.