MCAT Private Program Reviews

Hundreds of students trusted us in 2016 to help them with their scores and get into medical school. The MCAT is an exam that requires detailed training and tutors who know how to fix more than just content. With the right guidance, your score can be the best investment for your education and career. Make the exam stress free by contacting us to see why with a free consultation and trial. 

"This is literally the most innovative and effective program to get a superb score on the MCAT. There's nothing like it in the country and I am very happy to say that I personally worked with the founding coach who has exceeded my expectations! I tried other common prep companies and none of them compare to Axilogy. Results are guaranteed, and the coaches are super professional, compassionate, thorough, and detail-oriented. They will make your MCAT nightmares disappear and take care of all your worries and concerns before, during, and after you take the test. The frequent online "checking in," coaching, score monitoring, practice test analysis, "surprises," tutoring, and emotional support (provided 24/7) make the MCAT such a fun experience. Everything is so personalized and structured. It saves you so much time and money. Best of all, you will never feel alone or lost. You will walk in the exam with so much confidence and EXPERIENCE that nothing (except maybe power outage at the testing center- yea it happens lol) will stand in the way of you taking the exam and scoring in the top of the curve. Axilogy is truly THE BEST thing to happen to premed students. Thank you, Axilogy!"

-Mohammad S. 

"This is a great MCAT prep program for anyone looking to succeed on the MCAT.  Axilogy is one of the most inspiring and motivating tutors I have worked with. Axilogy wants to boost your confidence and see you not only succeed, but dominate the MCAT while making you not afraid of it. My tutor made studying for the MCAT fun, which is something I never thought could happen. I would totally recommend this program to any pre-med looking to conquer their fears of the MCAT."

-Christian M.

"I worked personally with the founder and she's such an amazing person! She always goes above and beyond to help her students. She was there for me no matter the time of day. She provided me with great tips on how to excel at the MCAT. Not only did she help me with my study habits, but unlike other companies, they helped me with other things that affect studying. She provided me a list of foods I should be eating in order to help my memory and also gave me a work out schedule to keep my brain active. So many things go into studying and she helped every step of the way! They also gave me great tips on how to destress and keep myself calm. I would recommend this company for anyone who is trying to study for the MCAT."

-Akinchita K. 

"My tutor was so sweet and she genuinely cares about helping me succeed! She made me feel so much better about my MCAT prep than before I met her. She is very helpful and offers so many amazing tips on how to succeed. Unlike other prep companies, she also helps you with your sleep schedule, eating, and exercising - all things that play a role in your preparation. There are so many materials and so much information that she offers to you to make you feel more at ease. She's always willing to answer any and all questions that you have and is always there when you need her! She makes a custom plan just for you, which is great because every student has different needs and weaknesses. Overall she does her absolute best to help you and goes above and beyond, unlike any other company I have ever seen. I highly recommend Axilogy to anyone that's having trouble studying for the MCAT! :)"

-Payal S. 

This is probably the best MCAT prep program that one can ever find. I'm a good student, and trust me when I say that she is literally the single most talented, helpful, and enthusiastic TA that I've ever met at UCSD. She really loves teaching and she actually cares about her students! When you are looking for the right MCAT prep company you are not actually looking for the company. What you are really looking for is the right tutor or coach who can actually TEACH and PREPARE you in the right way! The founding coach of Axilogy possesses both the knowledge and the enthusiasm for this program. If you want to find an MCAT company to prepare you for the MCAT, this company should be your top choice because there are no other companies that actually "coach" you!"

-Yunlin Z. 

"I recently just took my MCAT (2016) and can say that without her guidance I would have been completely lost in both the material and the pressures of the exam. My tutor was hands down the most knowledgeable person about the MCAT, knowing everything from which materials are the most effective as well as which strategies are the best for you personally. She works wonderfully with students with difficult schedules (I was taking 23 credits and working in two labs) and is always reworking your study plan so it is the most efficient and helpful structure. Having spoken with other companies and even having worked briefly with another tutor, Axilogy was by far the most competent MCAT instructor I have met. But the best thing about my experience working with my tutor was her unquestioning dedication to students. No matter what time of day it was, I could always contact her with a question or update and, without fail, she would respond not only quickly but with a really thorough answer. The MCAT is something that can easily become overwhelming due to the sheer amount of material as well as the difficult style of the exam questions, but I felt like I always had direction from my tutor and she was great at always infusing studying with purpose so that you didn't become discouraged. She, herself, is also an extremely accomplished individual, both academically and personally, so she is in herself a great motivator and example to follow when trying to navigate what to do next in both MCAT studying and pre-med decisions. I have the utmost confidence in her ability to prepare others for the exam and have recommended her to every pre-med I know!" 

-Ashley L.

"At first I was so lost and confused preparing for the MCAT until I worked with Axilogy. My tutor has a unique teaching style to get anyone interested and locked in - she's really a joy to be around. She's so passionate about getting the best out of people and cares about each and every student. She wants to see each and every one of her students succeed at a high level. She's always there for you when you need advice or have questions. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to get a jumpstart preparing for the MCAT. You'll be confident and prepared when the time comes."

-Chris B.