Our Program

Daily- You are expected to study every day because we believe you can fit in at least 2 hours on even your busiest days and hope we can bring you up to 15 on your most well-rested days. We want to make sure you do your absolute best on test day. Because of this, we don't recommend "weekly rest days." Instead, we update your plan to prevent burnout and will update your plan so you can finish the assignment later. Daily, you will log your verbal and science scores in an online program in your site. You will also journal "generalized" tips on mistakes you may have made and ways you answered questions correctly every day. This document will be used throughout your prep for reference.

PRN- Your coach may notice your scores lowering or your mood changing or a special event. Your coach will also notice if you are having trouble focusing and suggest new study techniques. In these cases, they consult with you to determine a new strategy. Your schedule can change or shift almost daily if needed. 

Weekly - You will have a phone call with your coach every week (usually Sunday nights) to assess the week, create a new hourly plan, and then to receive tutoring as needed. You coach will be available during the week if you have urgent questions. Weekly strategies may change depending on your progress. As you get closer to your test date, your coach will begin to push you to your max every day through strategies we have developed to increase workload. This will be difficult but will make the real exam that much easier.

The Week Before- If they haven't already, your nerves start kicking in! Our coaches will help turn them down a notch! One way we do this is by meeting with you EVERYDAY before your prep. This is planned in advance by each coach after they assess your entire prep's progress to hit subjects and offer tips which increase confidence, boost endurance, and cover high-yield topics. We want to make sure you enter the test room with a low stress attitude, yet still take the test with all of its importance.

The Day Before- By now, your sleep will have been tailored as well as your memory & mental  sharpness due to nutrition/exercise training. Our company has essential day-before steps which form a perfect balance between relaxation and mental agility.

The Day Of- Good morning! Your coach will be sure to wish you goodluck (along with all of your friends & families). The adrenaline will keep you from feeling tired and we will be ready to speak with you right after! When you are ready that day, we will hold a post-MCAT consultation so you are reintroduced to your activities and also able to understand how to feel more patient during the waiting period.

The Months After- Because we specialize on the MCAT, we also specialize on Medical School Admissions. We will help you prepare for applications with everything from LOR advice to overlooking your AMCAS before submission. 

After The MCAT- After the MCAT students typically have less activities to return to. Because you must still continue working to increase your application strength, we want to help. Here is what we can offer to you to help boost your application.

  • JS Med Ed- You will gain access to our JS Med Ed program which hosts weekly powerpoints, podcasts, exams, and homework assignments on USMLE Step 1 Material. This is great for students who are still in the study mood!  You can also join the JS Med Ed team as a program coordinator for your college.
  • School For Gifted Youth- You will be able to help create and support the education of homeless youth. Over 20% of our profits are contributed to opening a shelter for youth that provides a safe environment for K-12 education. We aim to help youth skip grades and find an increased internal locus of control. 
  • Clinical Research Consultant Training- Axilogy Consultants LLC. has a second purpose in training students in Clinical Research through our Senior Clinical Associate, Dr. Kamal Tiwana. Training in this field can create a vast amount of opportunities for research in medical school and improving later residency applications.
  • Activities Assessment- We have interns who will search your nearby area and review your college activities to determine what volunteer opportunities may increase your chances for getting accepted into medical school.
  • Axilogy Team- Students scoring above the 90th percentile are able to be interviewed for intern positions in our growing MCAT company.
  • Nutrition/Exercise- Even after the program we will be able to continue helping you on these goals as we believe that healthy physicians will one day lead to healthier patients.