Advanced Medical Education 12 Week Course


Advanced Medical Education 12 Week Course


This course is a detailed study of the fundamentals of medicine, which includes 84 subjects in medicine and patient care. Please refer to the 56-page syllabus on our website for details on objects for each lesson and objective.

This course will teach content covered in the first two years of medical college in an intensive 12-week course. The course constitutes of weekly lectures and assignments which prepare students to take weekly case-study tests. Exams will be computer-based in a USMLE-style format, requiring advanced understanding of each module prior to taking. The course is broad and is designed to provide priming and preparation for medical school, but also can be used as a source of knowledge and motivation for premedical students from high school to post-graduates. Each week exam mimics a single block of the USMLE in timing and question format. The course is taught using new techniques to improve learning, thus it is recommended to adapt to suggested study techniques as needed. All lecture content is prepared based on the exam questions and no background information outside of the course is required. Rotations to various medical sites, humanitarian organizations, health and wellness organizations, and research laboratories is recommended to reinforce humanities content throughout the next few months. Advice/resources for LORS, MCAT, GPA, Applications, and Medical School Interviews will be available to graduates of the program. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion based on pass/fail or grade (students have until final day to choose).

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

Discern how social, behavioral, environmental, and biological factors contribute to patient health and well-being Evaluate appropriate information sources to receive medical knowledge and evaluate new research Analyze module patient cases to develop possible diseases, narrow down a diagnosis, and develop an appropriate treatment plan

Strategize new programs and presentations to improve patient health and education about medical humanities topics Determine how the biomedical science and humanities can be integrated in student’s future approaches to actions and behaviors in healthcare settings Understand and recall major concepts in medicine as well as learn how to memorize and apply vast amounts of information in a timely fashion

After completing this course, students will meet the following

Generate, analyze, apply, and interpret scientific medical information to think critically

Understand the fundamental concepts of medicine in all major categories and apply knowledge to case-based learning

Develop a framework, based on a mission, goals, and objectives and/or competencies, to improve patient care through improved understanding of diverse needs and topics

This course delivered via distance learning will enable students to complete academic work in a flexible manner, completely online. Course materials and access to an online learning management system will be made available to each student. Online assignments are due weekly as noted on the course outline which include assignments and weekly exams. Faculty will support the students throughout this 12-week course.


Completion of assignments is the best way to ensure passing the course as exams are curved to ensure an average of 80% per test. Please complete them as needed. Some assignments may change compared to the syllabus to enhance student understanding. Watching additional videos on concepts and to observe live effects outside of “the textbook” is important. Assignments may be on the final exam if they are MCQ-based. If only based on questions, each week’s assignments will be combined into one assignment.

Weekly Exam: Weekly exams are based on the Course (USMLE) Content Outline, Syllabus, and Powerpoint. The syllabus will highlight essentials and provide extra details. The powerpoint contains high-yield information for each exam. If time limited, please use the powerpoint as your main study source. Exams are curved to ensure an average of 80% for the course.

Final Exam: There will be a final exam for this course. This exam will mock the USMLE Step 1 exam required by second year medical students. This exam is timed but students can retake it twice. It will contain 322 questions in seven 46-question blocks that cover only the topics which were tested on in MCQ format. The outline for this exam is provided in the course syllabus.

Final Presentation: For this course, students will be required to complete a Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) presentation. The final paper will require students to act as healthcare professionals and engage in teaching a subject of their choice from the course. The presentation must be voice-recorded or have 2-3 sentences of notes through each slide and contain a minimum of 8 academic journal references. Students will be provided with guidelines for this. The course is heavily researched by medical faculty and surveyed to continue to expand and support students even past their acceptance to medical school. 

The $1,065 cost covers all materials and lecture hours for summer. Refunds are available within the first week of the course. Installment options are available, please contact our representative to see how the course can work for you or your student. If you sign up before March, a $250 fee-waiver is provided

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